Penis Sleeves

Do you want to feel like a real sex giant in the bed with your partner? You feel that your penis is too short or too thin. Are you unable to satisfy your partner? Then the penis sleeve is exactly what you need. Below is a detailed description of these sex toys and Penis Sleeves, as well as their main types, how to use them, how to wash and store them. 

What is the penis sleeve?

The penis sleeve is a very useful sex toy for men and women. He puts on an erected penis before having sex with a partner.

This product is designed to bring maximum pleasure to a partner, woman, or man. It is used for both vaginal and anal sex.

The best penis sleeves, depending on their technical characteristics, increase the length and thickness of your penis. 

The principle of action is very similar to an erection ring or belt, with the difference that the product covers the full penis surface. The sleeve may have a smooth surface, or it is supplied with irregularities of a different type, shape, and size.

The basic types and technical features

The main features of the penis sleeve are dimensions and materials. Each user can choose the most suitable size of the toy, according to the physiological characteristics of his body and the demands of the partner during sex.

On the market, there are sleeves for the penis made of different materials, and about each of them we want to tell in detail:

  •         Silicone penis sleeve. The best material for such a toy. It is characterized by increased strength and elasticity, does not irritate the skin, and takes the form of a penis. These toys have a realistic color, repeat all the veins and extensions of a real penis, which creates the impression of real penetration during unprotected sex.
  •         Rubber penis sleeve. If you are a fan of BDSM orgies, these toys will be the most suitable for you. The highest vapor content and excellent elasticity of the product provide real satisfaction to the partner. You will be able to securely fix the ball on your penis because it contains special bandages for your balls.
  •         Vibrator penis sleeve. Such toys will give an unforgettable pleasure not only to your partner but also to you. At the base of the artificial penis, there is a miniature vibrator, which works from the battery, stimulates your genetics during sex.
  •         The sleeve for the head of the cock. The simplest and the cheapest toys will help you feel your penis bigger, but do not restrict your movements during intercourse
  •         Open penis sleeve. Designed for men who are satisfied with the length of their penis, but not thick enough to give pleasure to their partner. When using such an appliance, the sensitivity of the head is fully remaining.
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How to choose the best penis sleeve?

For choosing the best penis sleeve, you should follow some simple rules:

  •         Never try to buy the cheapest item, because it will follow the worst quality.
  •         Use the most suitable size for your comfort during penetration.
  •         Better to choose world-famous brands, such as Lovehoney, VibroPack, Apollo Steel, and others.
  •         If you have an allergy to your skin, better to have a consultation with medicals before purchasing. 
  •         Better to choose the product which is supplied with a long-term factory guarantee, more, than 6 months.
  •         Ask your partner, which size is the most preferable for him or her.

How to choose a better size?

To choose the correct size for your penis sleeve, it is also recommended to follow many professional tips:

  •         If you are a beginner, start only from the smallest sizes, not to harm your partner’s health and not cause pain to him.
  •         Assess your dimensions, try measuring your erected penis – length and girth, compare these data with the notice to the sleeve.
  •         It is recommended to purchase several sizes of penis sleeves at once to choose the most suitable sizes after several attempts to have sex.
  •         It is best to start with an uncoiled penis sleeve. It can be explained by the fact that women, most often, are satisfied with the length, but they cannot cum because of a too-thin penis.
  •         For the pleasure of your partner, experts recommend paying attention to textured penis sleeves, which most accurately repeat the structure of male genetics.
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How to choose the base material and texture?

Before correct choosing, a necessary material and texture for your penis sleeve, check out some basic rules:

  •         If the skin on your cock is highly sensitive, it is recommended to buy silicone or latex products, that cannot cause allergic reactions.
  •         If you are a fan of hard sex, or BDSM sessions, the best option for you is a rubber penis sleeve with a smooth or irregular surface.
  •         Beginners should only buy products that are made from soft materials.
  •         To get your pleasure, the best solution is to buy a tight-fitting sleeve from jelly gentle plastic.
  •         Hard plastic penis sleeves should only be purchased by advanced users.
  •         It is very important for some people that your penis sleeve should look realistic. In this case, it is better to choose ribbed silicone products with the body’s skin color.

How to use it?

  •         The sleeve should be put only on the erect penis.
  •         The size of the product should be such that it fits perfectly on the penis.
  •         If the sleeve is too tight, there is a big risk that blood flow is blocked.
  •         If the sleeve is too large, it can get stuck in the partner’s vagina or anus.
  •         Before penetration, be sure to use a lubricant. This will reduce friction and eliminate the risk of injury.
  •         After each use, it is necessary to wash the toy in warm water to comply with hygiene requirements and not to be infected.
  •         Before using it for the first time, it is necessary to study the manual description for the product in detail.
  •         In order not to hurt your partner, the first penetration is recommended to be performed shortly and slowly.
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These toys are the simplest and safeties for both partners. If you are a beginner, they should be the 1st exponents in your collection, but they will also help to enjoy the advanced users and refresh the relationships.



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