Node JS Certification

Node JS certification gives you a chance of building network applications efficiently and quickly by using JavaScript. The Node JS certification course helps developers to understand and build web applications using JavaScript.  The course gives you complete knowledge of concepts such as Shrinkwrap, Exress.js, Node packet manager, etc. The course helps you to learn concepts of Node JS and also gives experience in making an HTTP server.

Node JS certification exam details

You can read further to know the Node JS certification exam details:

The exam is based on your performance. You will take the test on VM online to write some code and create Node.js applications. For every task, you have to make a simple Node.js app that implements a particular requirement only. You can give your solution in any way. You will not be assessed based on how you use the solution but it depends on the application response to their different HTTP requests.

The duration of the exam is two hours and you will solve the paper by connecting to a remote desktop Linux environment virtual machine. The virtual machine for the exam is currently using CentOS with a GUI. The VM has pre-installed visual studio code, postman, node, etc. Thus, you do not have to install anything on the virtual machine on which you have to give your test.  You can search on Google and browse any Node.js documentation using the chrome browser of the remote desktop. You have access to any documentation, even GitHub, etc. but stack overflow and other stack exchange websites are not working during the exam.

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When you register for the exam, you can give the exam during the year at any time. If you fail to pass on the first attempt, you can get a second chance for free.

Tips to prepare for the exam

If you want to prepare for the Node JS certification exam, a few tips are given here:

Some websites and books are recommended to prepare for the exam. you can use the following list of reference books to prepare for the exam: Node.js documentation, node cookbook, etc. You should thoroughly reach the chapters given in the above books and notes. set up an SSH key, how the SSH key login scheme works, how to generate an SSH key, and how to use those keys with a Linode Linux server.

It may take a few weeks to complete the entire course but you can get enough study material from the above notes.

Course for Node JS certification

The course is in written format. It is divided into ten chapters with one or two labs for each chapter. Each lab is a written task and you may have to download a few JS files that consist of some required code for each lab.

Scheduling the exam

You can schedule the exam through the Linux foundation portal. You have to select the date and time as per your schedule. You can see the daily availabilities o different hours after it gets loaded. The test itself is proctored by PSI. you may have to download a particular chrome extension so that the proctor can see your screen.

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How to take the exam?

You can choose a suitable and peaceful place to take the exam. try to log in at least 15 minutes before the exam starts and wait for the proctor to show up. You have to show your primary ID using the webcam. After going through screen sharing checks, you can start doing your exam.

You can access the remote desktop through your laptop’s Chrome browser tab. You can see the VM’s desktop size in full screen on your browser tab. Inside the VM, there is a chrome browser that is opened already with the list of tasks you have to complete. You can get the results of the exam within 24 hours

If you are a beginner at Node.js, it may be difficult for you to tackle the exam. but, if you have already worked in Node JS it will be an easy exam for you. The exam is a personal learning milestone and it can help you get your first programming job in the Node JS company.

What skills are covered in the course?

The course will cover the following skills:

  • Work with shrink-wrap
  • Understand the Node.js framework
  • Learn asynchronous programming
  • Work with node projects
  • Understand the Nodesjs framework
  • Application using socketio

Benefits of Nodejs certification

There are many benefits of Node js certification. You can use this knowledge to build powerful and complex applications. You can get a higher salary if you are Nodejs course certified.  If you want to excel in your career and want to increase job prospects in the future, you must complete the Node JS certification course and training. Some of the important benefits of Node JS certification are given here:

  • It is easy to learn
  • It is a single programming language
  • It is easily scalable
  • It offers high performance
  • It has the support of the large and active community
  • It gives them the freedom to develop apps
  • It supports the commonly used tools
  • It has the advantage of caching
  • It has the benefit of full-stack JS
  • It can handle the requests simultaneously
  • The tool is highly extensible
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Node JS course curriculum

The complete curriculum for giving a Node JS course is given here. You can read further to know the entire curriculum for the exam

Eligibility: The Nodejs certification is the best choice for technical project managers, full-stack web developers, architects, and other people who want to lead the web to develop, etc.

Pre-requisites: If you have a basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML then this course is the best choice for you.

Applications of Nodejs certification course

Node JS certification course is useful in the following fields:

  • Messaging apps
  • Streaming applications
  • Collaboration tools
  • Virtual emulators
  • Social media apps
  • Chat programs
  • Real-time web applications
  • Multiplayer games
  • API

Who can do this course?

Node JS certification course is open for the following people:

It is a good choice for full-stack developers, beginners who want to make a career in web development, senior developers, Node JS developers, software engineers and programmers, Node/JavaScript developers, Engineering managers, IT developers, and app programming.


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