Labour Attendance Register

If you need to keep track of your staff attendance and their work shifts, then the labour attendance register plays an important role. Labour attendance registers are basically used to maintain the records of the employees’ absence, sick leaves, etc., for payroll or wages purposes. The registers contain the records of payroll heads such as absent, present, sick leave, holidays, late comings, job training, and all other kinds of leaves used to calculate their wages.

Having an attendance register to track your labour’s attendance for your Digital Dukan is an easy to use solution for effective workforce management and to stay connected with your labour no matter where they are working.

Why is it useful to have a labour attendance register?

Following are the reasons:

  1. First and the foremost advantage of keeping an attendance register is that it reduces absenteeism.
  2. It improves labour morale through timely time-off requests and approvals.
  3. It helps in scheduling vacations as a whole.
  4. You can analyze your labour productivity to make better scheduling decisions.
  5. You can analyze your labour productivity and involvement to make hiring decisions.
  6. It is also useful when you want to compare labour attendance with the time labour spent on sick leave, personal leave, etc.
  7. You can easily manage the daily or monthly wages of the labour and make wages report accordingly.
  8. No need to maintain any physical registers. You can have all the information regarding your labour in one place.
  9. It keeps all the data of your labour safe and secure in one place.
  10. It improves labour productivity and you can quickly picture working hours to get unproductive habits and get all the information they need to be more effective.
  11. It enhances the punctuality of employees.
  12. Shift management and proper workload distribution.
  13. It helps you to identify the labour issues,
  14. It helps to manage tasks and projects efficiently and effectively.
  15. Simplifies the payroll or wages preparation.
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How to maintain a monthly attendance register for your Digital Dukan?

You can maintain a monthly attendance register using excel which helps you to track labour attendance every month.

  1. First, specify the month and add the basic details of each labour such as name, position, department, etc.
  2. You can optically mark the status of attendance for each labour. For this, simply copy and paste the right labels to the right slots.

For example, copy and paste the L label or write ‘l’ on a certain day spot next to ‘labour 1’ to make that ‘labour 1’ has been on sick leave on a certain day.

  1. The counter automatically counts the totals per individual labour each time you note labour attended, was on sick leave, vacation, personal leave, or not able to show up to work, or not able to inform his or her absence. 
  2. You’ll also get the totals calculated for each month for each labour.

This is great if you want to track labour attendance, sick leave, personal leave, vacation, and days they neither showed up or called to announce their absence on a monthly basis. It’s also great if you want to track this data for each individual labour, as well as your team in total.



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