Is a legal site to watch Korean movies and TV shows on? is the website where you can download unlimited content from Korean series like anime Drama and many other stuffs website looks very ads specific. its has many running ads.

As all know these types of sites provides pirated content but in some country its okay to watch pirated content. You should open this site in front of you family because it has adult content like short videos or gif. That’s make you feel awkward in front of you family.but still you can find many famous Korean drama and series here. so that is depend which country are you living and how hard the rules are their. As i live in India i think there is no big issue to surf these type of sites.

KissAsian is an illegal website that has been downloading and sharing property that is not theirs. The site has been showing material that belonged to ABS-CBN, a company registered in the Philippines which is the largest cable provider in the country.


KissAsian has many cloned sites.These have been created to help bypass some of the technical issues that the site has been experiencing such as links that don’t respond and overloads on the server etc. is one of them.

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