INX digital assets acquired through hub

The use of digital has evolved over the years, and it has ventured into the finance world. It is no longer news that the finance world is ruled by crypto currency and digital securities. However, most people or financial companies still have it hard to navigate and apply this to the finance world. Lets know more about INX where digital assets are acquired through the global regulated hub.

 INX stands as a bridge between traditional finance and crypto currencies holders or users, same as digital securities, and all this can be managed and regulated through a global hub.

INX is a company involved in crypto-trading, and it can be referred to as the powerhouse for any crypto currencies trading platform. It was founded in 2017, and the main objective of this hub is to create a block chain-based platform that could perform a task as trading of both crypto currencies and digital securities. One of the missions of this hub is to provide a regulated digital asset to investors interested in either crypto currencies or digital securities.

 INX token as part of SEC-registered digital security and its IPO was launched was both retail and institutional investors. INX, through its digital security platforms, plan to provide adequate trading and ways for enterprise and companies to get funds for their business.

In June, INX announced that the company had acquired ILB(brokers) for $4.7 million. ILB is an Israeli-based broker company established in 2001, and they possess 50 tier -1 and tier 2 global relationships with banks. Their primary focus is FX trading, provision of interest rate, and other derivative products related to either crypto currencies or digital assets. As a member of NFA, ILB is seen as one of the prominent brokers in Israel, and they have obtained other related trading licenses in Israel. With INX acquiring ILS Brokers, this will boost its services to lead generation. Also, with FX trading, INX plans to offer more services such as beyond digital assets only and also will provide related trading services and at the same time maintain being a regulatory complaint.

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INX ended its relationship with open finance securities LLC, a FINRA – regulated broker-dealer, which also serves as a digital asset trader. INX, partnership with Japanese fx – a giant named Gmon trust, who has their coin GYen to be the first coin that will be listed and launched due to the approval of New York, financial department services and all this happened due to the acquisition of ILB.

A statement made by the President and co-founder of INX, Shay Datika. “Through the recent and coming events. INX, has been creating a tight bridge between traditional finance and the world of both crypto currency and digital securities. With the purchase of new broker, there will be a new development by which INX will offer great services and act as a bridge between old finance and secure crypto currency or digital securities through it hub”.

INX believes that crypto currency, a non-deliverable fund(NDA) that global institutions have traded, and they are looking for a way to trade crypto currency without holding underlying assets. With the acquisition of is the  

ILB, we are sure to provide the society with both deliverable and non-deliverable currencies or crypto currencies to financial institutions who need INX help on how to trade crypto currencies or digital securities through its platform.

Shay Datika, as part of the former founding of ILS broker. But he sold most of his shares (75%) to leaders of the capital market (LCM).


“As part of our mission, we plan to merge both new world and old into one world”. Says Shay Datika. “ILS, is known to expand and generate transaction between banks and all this services will not be done with currencies such as Euro, dollar. But all will be done through crypto currencies such as bitcoin, etherum, and other services such as asset class which act as financial instruments or digital assets. With acquisition of main broker, INX is ready to be one of the top company to lead the world into new era”.

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The co-founder, Shay Datika. With over 25 experience in the banking and finance industry. He has held a significant role in using electronic trading in the global OTC foreign exchange. Also, having experience in brokerage activities and also an online trading business. Over 20 years ago, Datika was involved in financial technology as a director, investor, and manager. He has also worked as an external editor and chairman of an investment committee. He was a member of Altshuler Shaman provident funds, where he served as an auditor. Moreover, he worked with the bank of Hapoalim as a senior dealer, where he gained a lot of knowledge in both fintech and trading.


Within the last three years, INX has invested in providing proprietary trading technology, which will be unique, and a regulated approach will be created for all assets or crypto currencies. INX has planned to debut listing and digital assets available for trading with full regulatory compliance, such as security policies, privacy procedures, trading protocols.

 As part of our mission to address cross-borders, high volume trading will serve as a powerhouse to boost micro service, focused on regulated trading. INX can be seen as a cloud-based system that works on Kubernetes technology and supports trading of different digital assets, which are not limited to one block chain but many crypto currencies that financial institutions or investors can trade.



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