Sports all betting companies in Ghana are experiencing an upward spiral and one of the best ways to profit is by investing and betting on gaming houses. A large number of states within the US have legalized sports betting and 14 other states are in the process of legalization. As described by Gabelli Securities (and in anticipation of 2028), sports betting revenue is expected to increase by five folds.

The sports betting market possesses its lucrativeness and here are ways of getting within the hot market.


Horse racing holds credibility, substantial public prominence, and elite acceptance. This raises the public trading sums of horse racing. One popular name in horse racing trades is Churchill Downs aka CHDN. The CHDN does not just undertake annual trades. The CHDN has an online platform for horse racing and other sports like darts. The casino games are available at different locations so that anyone can stake games without trouble. And amazingly 5 card Omaha poker strategy gives tips on getting started.

Gaming ETFs

Gaming ETFs are gaming exchange-traded funds. They offer a wide variety of exposure to physical sporting locations, online gaming, and sports gambling. Gaming ETFs give exposure and information to various sectors and picking a winner is unnecessary. Also, there’s the chance of playing the reopening trade. The exposure to a sector informs about wagering on the development of the sector. Gaming ETFs are the focus of various funds including:

  • VanEck Vectors Gaming ETF; with BJK, more samples of betting companies are gotten. The fund applies to an increased number of conventional casino operators and prominent companies in sports betting. The expense percentage associated with using owning the fund for over a year is 0.65 %.
  • Roundhill Sports Betting; the focus of this fund is streamlined to online gaming and sports betting. This focus increases attention and clarity on the involved sectors. The cost of management paid to the fund company over the period of a year is 0.75 percent.
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Sportsbook apps

Sportsbook apps offer a unique form of provision in letting investors research companies managing sports betting. Investors can evaluate betting app owners and can go further by analyzing the growth of the markets. A few top players in the sportsbook apps sphere are:

  • Flutter; investing with a company like a flutter has some advantages. The advantages are that gamers bet well over sportsbooks and virtual sports sites. FanDuel is the official sportsbook for Flutter and has a betting market of around 45% in sports betting. Betfair and PokerStars are top-notch online games belonging to flutter.
  • DraftKings; The declaration of partnership with the NFL has boosted the reputation of DraftKings in the sports betting industry. The partnership allows DraftKings to make betting promotions by using NFL trademarks and intellectual property. Draftkings is credible to invest with as they’re increasing their share base and as described by CNBC are offering $20 billion to buy a rival sports betting company.

A lot of other sportsbook app companies have large investments outside sports betting. These companies say the Walt Disney Company and Yahoo have larger businesses and only augment with sports betting revenue. It is preferable to invest with companies that purely run sports investments because returns on investment are more beneficial.

Tech providers

One area of investment in sports betting is investing in not just gaming companies but in the technology propelling the game. Some prominent tech providers are

  • Kambi group; this company is a nice to invest in as provides technology for online gaming and conventional casinos.
  • GAN; Asides from the traditional duty of providing software for the gaming sector, this company provides online sports betting platforms and virtual games.
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Gaming Companies

A different means of investing in sports betting is to invest in the gaming companies, otherwise known as the casinos. Investing in casinos is advantageous as dividing investment between casino sportsbooks and hotel operations with gambling is possible. Las Vegas Sands, Caesars Entertainment, and Penn National Gaming are some of the gaming companies to invest in.

Things to Note

Investing in stocks or sports betting is not without its perks. Risks associated with the investment are numerous but the few ones that concern sports bets are valuation, and regulation, and taxes. The risk with valuation is that investors may input large capital while expecting massive growth from the sector. Investors turn frustrated when the expected growth does not occur within the expected time frame.

A different risk is involved in regulation and taxes. The gambling scape is under heavy monitoring and control. Many states and governments consider the gaming industry as means of increasing revenue generation through heavy taxation. An investor has to know the gambling legislation and control in place for the gaming company and state they intend to invest in. International investment should even be done more painstakingly with serious expert advice and an understanding of international policies.


The development of sports betting in this era is unprecedented as there is a widening of online and app-based betting. As such, sports betting remains a viable sector for investment. The many facets of sports betting give diversified options for investment and investors can indulge in an expanded recovery play.


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