Bingo games variants

Got to try everything at least once! Or at least that is what good parents would say. But Don’t worry, we are not going to try and get you to eat your vegetables. What we are going to do is explore with you is the exciting collection of card gripping bingo variants that run wild in the savanna of Barbados Bingo world. Let’s see interesting bingo games variants to play at least once.

Bingo has been a widely popular game for decades, and some say even a century, so stick with us for a list of tantalizing Bingo variants that will get you singing to the bank.

Online Bingo VS physical Bingo 

This is one of the most important distinctions made in the Bingo realm that is often misunderstood. Most believe that playing bingo physically is widely different from online Bingo. When in fact, they are not so different.

Online you can enjoy all the variants of bingo that exist in the physical world, and more. This is where online Bingo becomes particularly interesting.

With online Bingo there is almost no limit to how many people can play, whereas with old school bingo players are very much limited by their physical constraints. 

Traditional american Bingo 

Traditional american bingo is played with 75 balls and is the favored variant for our friends across the pond. This variant offers playing cards with 25 squares arranged along 5 columns each market with one of the letters of “BINGO” at the top of the card. This variant of Bingo is played depending on the house. Usually, you will have to complete an arrow, or house patterns in order to get the jackpot, and sometimes you have to win by filling all the squares, this depends on the house rules of course. Moreover Traditional american Bingo is also known for the following qualities. 

  •       Being beginner friendly.
  •       Plays at a slow pace.
  •       Can be challenging when dealing with multiple cards
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UK Bingo       

This variant is the most popular in the UK, which is where it gets its name of course! This game is played with 90 balls and has a play card that is slightly different from the one in the american version. In the Uk version, there are 27 squares and 9 rows and the numbers pulled range between 1 and 90. This means if you purchase 6 strips you will eventually mark all of the numbers. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win as it is always the first one to call “House” that wins the jackpot. 

  •       Can be challenging for beginners.
  •       Easy to keep track of several cards at once.
  •       Is played at a rather faster pace. 

Blackout Bingo 

Now this variant is one of the most exciting of them all. In order to win at Blackout Bingo you have to fill all the numbers on your card, instead of filling out the usual row, columns, or patterns. This brings a whole new flare to the game as the stakes are much higher because there is only one winner!


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