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Since the world has turned online and digital in recent years – especially with Covid-19 – we may find that our culture has shifted. Let’s see an online method that you can use to interact with others, buy and sell property, and create your own life in the digital world. Let’s see how to use the Starlink Metaverse for beginners.

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What is the Starlink Metaverse and why is it important?

The Starlink Metaverse is a very important project in the online digital world. This online project is a new and innovative method of utilizing important concepts in our society today – blockchain technology and lack of centralization of online programs. 

  • Blockchain is a type of database that is different from typical databases that you may find online or in businesses. Instead, blockchain stores data in blocks that are connected and linked together. The Starlink Metaverse uses blockchain to organize and store data in a specific order that makes it easily readable and understandable. 
  • Furthermore, the Starlink Metaverses uses the concept of decentralization – the ability to control an organization by using various separate entries to influence the overarching entity.  

Although this may sound like the latest sci-fi movie or fun online game, this is not a game – instead, with this influential platform, you can buy and sell virtual real estate, purchase satellites to use, or sell to others, along with creating, selling, and buying NFTs. Furthermore, you can customize your own avatar, interact with other real people in various geographical locations, explore new online places, gamble with digital money, deliver and listen to education sessions and programs, play games, and much more with the Starlink Metaverse.

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In simple terms, the Starlink Metaverse is a virtual world in which you can live and be your own person by using personalized online characteristics. You can have various options and different possibilities that can change how you want to interact with the virtual world around you. You can choose to customize all parts of your online world, making it easily customizable to fit as close to your personal life as you want.

But how can you buy and sell houses and online real estate by using the Starlink Metaverse? Easy! You can use a Star Token, a type of investment that is similar to the digital Bitcoin that you can use to purchase land in the Starlink Metaverse. Just like you may find in the real world, with a space station that is occupied by astronauts and technology, the Star Metaverse Station is situated in the online galaxy in the Starlink Metaverse.

Are you still confused? That is okay – this is a  unique concept that can be difficult to understand. If you’re still asking yourself “ What is the Starlink Metaverse?” you are not alone! Let’s take a step back and see what this is and why you should use it. 

The Starlink Metaverse is a project that has the ability to use decentralization – by spreading out its organization and entities – and blockchain technology – the ability to organize and store data – to make it easy, simple, and efficient when it comes to utilizing this online platform. The main focus of this platform is to see how the effects of human interaction, relationships, personal feelings, and socialization have started taking place in an online world. 

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As we saw in the past year with everything digitizing and turning online, we see that people are no longer making as much in person and sharing information – instead, they are meeting online and everything is becoming almost overwhelmingly done in a virtual world. 

Instead of figuring out how you are going to speak to someone in person at a meeting or speak to them over the phone, chances are you are having important business discussions via online messenger, email, or Zoom calls. Since almost all social interactions now take place in front of a computer screen, it has become almost the “norm” to find that people are “meeting” online vs. in person like they did in years past. 

Since these habits have now become commonplace in our society – for children and adults alike- we see the importance of having a virtual and online presence. By noticing how we change when our social structure changes, such as speaking from the comfort of our own home to our colleagues and friends, we can see how this has influenced our personal life, our behavior, our social norms, and the culture around us. By changing what we do day in and day out, it influences our thought process – what we once thought was normal is now considered strange, and vice versa. 

Just in the same manner that we used to see in-person interaction as essential to our social calendar and our fulfillment as humans, we can change that shift to focus on an online and adaptive space that may be more suitable for people of all ages, geographical locations, and personality types. By including everyone in a comprehensive and open space, the Starlink Metaverse accepts people from all over the world. 

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Basics of the Starlink Metaverse

Before you can begin to use this online platform, keep in mind there are a few basics that you should keep in mind.

  • Star Token – This is the cultural currency of the Starlink Metaverse and represents a digital online currency that is similar to Bitcoin in the real world. Just like you would trade and buy with digital currency, you will do the same with the Stars Token in the Starlink Metaverse. 
  • State NFTs – Along With the Star Token, this is a very important component of the Starlink Metaverse. This represents a virtual asset that you can use to share your wealth, show your proficiency, and trade with others. 
  • Universe – Similar to the world around you in real life, the Universe is the ecosystem of the Starlink Metaverse.
  • Profile – You Need to create a presentation of yourself in this universe to show others what you want them to see.
  • Marketplace – This is similar to a stock market or economic location in which you can exchange currency and share assets.


As you can see, going online with the Starlink Metaverse is a great way for everyone to get involved with social and cultural interactions. By being able to use decentralization and blockchain technology, you can interact with others, share assets, buy products, and utilize digital currency to live in an online world.


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