ISACA Moscow offers a 5-day preparatory course for the CISA : Certified Information Systems Auditor certification exam.

It is an independent and most prestigious certification for IT auditors. The CISA course program is accredited by ANSI and is recognized at the state level in many countries.

The cisa exam dumps 2022 was developed according to the official certification program, approved and approved by the global ISACA.

On the last day of training, a trial CISA exam will be held and a certificate from the Moscow branch of ISACA will be issued on passing the training with enrollment of 40 CPEs.

Description of the training

The  CISA : Certified Information Systems Auditor course presents theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of IT audit, demonstrates its location in the organization’s internal control system, as well as its connection with information security processes; contains practical recommendations for the successful implementation of an IT audit; practical skills in implementing IT controls and responses to risks associated with the information assets of the organization.

The objectives of the course are to prepare you for the CISA Certification Exam .

  • Understand the goals and objectives of IT audit, its place in the internal control system;
  • Learn techniques for planning and conducting an audit, gathering information and audit evidence;
  • Learn how to manage information risks and conduct an information security audit.
  • Develop an approach to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the control environment in the operational activities of IT / IB;
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Who is the training for?

Managers and specialists in the field of IT, specialists in the field of information and operational risks, information systems security, specialists in the field of internal control and IT audit.

Practical experience

One of the requirements for obtaining a CISA certification is a certain amount of time in the industry and practical experience: three to four years of full-time work, depending on your educational level. Even if it was not a necessary requirement, hands-on experience is a valuable means of learning about computer security.

Note. Just because you don’t have three or four years of experience doesn’t mean you can’t take the discover this info here about exam. (ISC) 2 will allow those who pass the exam without meeting the experience requirements to become Associates of (ISC) 2 and then award them the CISA title after the experience requirements are met.

Start learning in promotion

CISA certification demonstrates that you know a little about various information security issues. Even if you work in the information security industry, there is a chance that you will not focus on all 10 Core Knowledge Areas (CBKs) or areas covered by the CISSP on a daily basis. You may be an expert in one or two areas and very familiar with several, but there are probably at least one or two CBKs that you will have to almost teach yourself from scratch to pass the exam.

Use the Study Guide if not more than one

There are a number of excellent books that you can use to help you prepare for the CISA exam and pass the CISA exam. Study guides and exam prep books can help condense massive amounts of information and help you set up the critical components you need to remember to pass the exam.


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