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Trading with Cryptocurrency is in trend. Though not considered, many of us have heard of it. In this digital world, everything is possible. For instance, we can now transfer money to any currency from anywhere in the world. 

Isn’t that interesting? 

Technology has given us digitalization many years back, but Blockchain has a different significance on the development and growth aspects of transactions and trading. Blockchain works on a distributed ledger to provide safety and anonymity to the people regarding transactions.


On the other hand, it is a decentralized process, so no third-party involvement is available. Through Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies are leading the market of trading as well. 

If you are confused about Crypto trading, then you are at the right place at the right time. Having confusion as beginners is common because Crypto trading is not known to all. 

Initiating Crypto trading is not as difficult as you think. However, we will give you adequate information so that you do not face any difficulty dealing with your first crypto trading.

Difference Between Trading And Investment 

Before you understand Crypto trading, you need to be clear about the concepts of trading and investments. Unfortunately, almost 80% of people think that trading and investments are the same even after initiating those processes. 

But if you want to be risk-free and start strong from the beginning, you must be aware of the facts. For instance, investments are long-term, and it mainly considers the process of investing in products or services. 

In contrast, trading is short-term and mainly focuses on making a profit as quickly as possible.

After knowing the difference, it will be easier for you to go for Crypto investments and trading separately. 

Various Trading Strategies

You will find various trading strategies if you want to go for Crypto trading. Every trading strategy has different benefits and returns. Thus if you are aware of those from the beginning, you will be able to control things.

  • Scalping is a very short-term trading process where you find profit within minutes. 
  • Day Trading is a process of trading that considers different times of a day or even a whole day.
  • Swing Trading can assure you to hold a position in the market for almost 30 days. 
  • Position Trading mainly focuses on long-term Crypto price shifts, and thus it is more like an investment.

How To Trade With Cryptocurrency? 

After you have gone through the particular CRYpto trading strategies, it’s time to start your trading efficiently.

Do not worry if you are young and new; it is not rocket science. Let’s follow some simple steps to get kicked off. 

Choose A Better Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Choosing a better Crypto exchange, it’s always a wise decision. But unfortunately, many newcomers manipulated by the advertisements consider any exchange platforms and fail to collect their profit from the market. 

But you have to think wisely and go for the popular platforms with good reviews. For instance, you can go with a profit builder to ensure a better transaction and secure trading process. 

Fund Your Account

After you have chosen the exchange platform, it’s time to open your account and log into it. It might need some information, including your bank account, which you want to keep as a transaction medium. 

After you have opened your own account, you can secure it with passwords and keep your information secret. In addition, try and fund your account as much as you can from your bank account to the platform wallet.


Pick Your Cryptocurrency

Among various currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular. These are also safe because of predictability in contrast to other small coins. Apart from that, you can also go for altcoins which are getting famous these days. 

But before you go for anything, it’s better to do comprehensive market research. 

Start Trading 

Start trading with your selected Cryptocurrency and make sure that you have considered the particular amount that you can afford to lose. 

After that, consider the above-mentioned trading strategies and follow your niche. 

Store Your Cryptocurrency 

When everything is on the way, start storing Cryptocurrencies in your wallet. Make sure that it is a safe place to store. For that, you can choose between hardware and software wallets. Software wallets are more vulnerable to hacks. So, it’s better to go for hardware wallets in your initial days. 

Finally, be confident with your steps and watch out for market fluctuations. 

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