advertising layout

To promote a brand, you need a layout for advertising on Instagram. Thanks to it, you will increase the company’s visibility and make your audience loyal. In recent years, Instagram story designs have been very popular.

What is an advertising layout and what is it used for?

The ad can be static or in video format. Choose in advance:

  • combinations of primary and secondary colors;
  • type and size of fonts;
  • word arrangement.

Advertising should be memorable. The taskl is to make readers become buyers of your products.

It is difficult to create videos without experience and developments, but there are programs that offer ready-made solutions.

Advertising layout requirements

The first impression will always be decisive. Before creating a layout for advertising on Instagram, you need to study the pains of the target audience.

Other recommendations:

  1. Try to concisely convey the idea – make sure that the product is supplied without ambiguity. For example, if you’re advertising men’s watches, don’t post a photo of an expensive car and a man wearing a watch. People may not understand that an accessory is being presented, not a car.
  2. It is recommended to add music to advertising layouts – so the video becomes more dynamic.
  3. The first stage of work is the creation of a script – stories last 15 seconds, during the time you can show up to 7 blocks of information.
  4. All images must be copyrighted – for inscriptions, choose simple fonts that are not annoying. They should not be too large or small so as not to make it difficult to understand the information.
  5. Try not to use annoying animations, shiny pictures – a potential customer must understand what kind of product they are offered. The subscription form is always kept as simple as possible.
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Before running the ad, check the story again to make sure it meets all the requirements

How to create your own advertising layout?

The use of applications is convenient and simple. The method is suitable for everyone, since it does not require specialized skills. Successful templates for advertising on Instagram will help the company to establish itself. Try to focus on the mobile interface.

Using Templates

The visual component on Instagram is the basis of success. The ad must be colorful and attractive. Use screenshots, photos, graphic elements, dynamic videos.

If we are talking about a large company, try to advertise in corporate colors. You will increase brand awareness and help users remember the product or service.

The procedures are as follows:

  • formation of ideas and messages;
  • collection of materials;
  • choice of applications to be  used;
  • installation;
  • making changes if necessary.

It is important to indicate the benefits of the product and features. Call-to-Action is a phrase that refers to a call to action. The technique is standard, but not losing its effectiveness. You can combine text with emoji, but always use separate paragraphs.

It is worth remembering that you do not need to write in a complex and scientific language. Professional words will scare the client, not attract him. Point out the benefits, focus on real facts.

An Instagram ad layout is a great opportunity to make a statement about your company. An inexperienced user  will need up to 1 hour. After gaining experience,  the layout can be done in 10-20 minutes.



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