What is OTP
What is OTP

How much do you know about OTP, where is it used, and how does it give thugs to thugs? : One Time Password / OTP news: You will always hear and read the name of OTP. You will always get this message or mail from banks that you should not share your OTP with anyone. Even an unknown person can call you for OTP in the name of the bank, but you do not have to tell your OTP on any condition. Getting information about OTP is considered a crime. Even the bank does not ask for OTP from its customers. When you have such a protective message, do you know what the OTP is? Where is it used and how is it generated? If you do not know, then let us provide you information about it.

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What is OTP?

Nowadays, we almost do most of the work sitting at our house. Especially, in the time of this crisis of Corona epidemic, we have to leave our homes at once, so in such a situation, mobile is such a support through which we can do our financial transactions and work from shopping to children’s education. Are dealt. In such a situation, our security is also very important in the digital world, so that no one can know about our personal information and accounts. When we do online transactions through net banking, after filling all the details to recharge the mobile or to buy some goods, at the end there is a code, which we call OTP. OTP means One Time Password.

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Where do you use OTP ?

OTP is a security code, which is 6 digits long and is used for online transactions. When we buy goods from an e-commerce company, we pay it with our ATM card. After filling your banking details while making payment, finally a security code arrives at your bank registered mobile number via SMS. This 6-digit security code is called OTP. Only after entering the security code on your mobile through SMS, your digital payment is successful. Without this you cannot transact online.

How do you use OTP ?

OTP is a password that is different from a normal password. Like when we create our account in any website, we create our username and password. The password we create, we keep it very simple. This threatens us with hackers, because they can easily hack our password and steal our details. That’s why banks, e-commerce companies or other online business institutions have started using One Time Password (OTP) nowadays, which becomes useless once used. This OTP keeps your account safe as well as your data and personal information.

What is OTP
What is OTP

What is the specialty of OTP?

The specialty of OTP is that the code generated from it is used only once. It is valid for one time only. If we did not use the code within that time, then that code does not serve any of our purpose. That is, every time we do an online transaction, the same code or OTP is generated, which keeps our account completely safe.

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