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There are various services and products that will help you access the contents of emails such as messages, events, appointments, and contacts. MS Outlook comes with many services and applications that will help you fulfill your communication requirements. You can also use different types of MS Outlook applications as well as services at different times. Remember that services are not the same and they each provide different features. Continue reading the article to know more about different types of MS Outlook versions. 

Outlook 2016 and 2013 for Windows and Mac 

MS Outlook 2016 and 2013 for Windows and Office 2016 and 2013 for Mac come with the subscription of MS Office 365. They are available as different parts of Office 365 suits and you can also buy them as standalone products. These two versions of MS Outlook share almost identical features. However, there are some minor differences that you need to know. Both programs will help you receive and send emails from both personal email accounts and business email accounts, manage your contacts, and include meetings and appointments on your calendar. You can also use these two programs to filter junk or irrelevant emails. 

You can use MS Outlook 2016/2013 for Windows and MAC if you’re using a laptop or a desktop. MS Outlook 2016 version of Windows is also compatible with most Android tablets as well as iPads. However, you need to look for the IOS version if you’re planning to use them in your apple products. 

MS Outlook on the Web 

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If your computer has paid subscription to MS 365 and you want to access your corporate email account, or your business wants to use the MS Exchange for email, you need to access the MS Outlook on the web through your internet browser. Remember that the URL you use to access MS Outlook will vary, but the URL will remain the same if you use it with MS 365. 

With MS Outlook on the web, you will be able to receive and send emails, store relevant information regarding your contacts, and schedule appointments and meetings. Email signatures, junk email filtering, Focused Inbox, and message categorization are also some essential things that can be done through MS Outlook. As per Street Directory, junk emails are irritating

You don’t need to use Outlook on the web to install anything on your tablet and computer. If you don’t have a computer, you can also access MS Outlook through any internet café. However, remember that some specific features of the MS Outlook application are compatible only with modern browsers. is one of the best unpaid email services that you can use for your email. You can go to the website of Outlook and create a free account all by yourself. was used to known as and is designed primarily for the con summers. This version comes with many identical features just like the Outlook on the web. You can also include different types of email addresses to and check your work or home email account through the services of Apart from that, you won’t face any problem adding the email account to Outlook 2016. Apart from scheduling meetings and appointments, you can also include attachments to the messages you’re sending from your computer. Not to mention, you can also manage tasks and contacts. 

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Outlook for Android and IOS 

If you use any Apple product or Android product, you won’t have any problem accessing Outlook for Android and Outlook for iOS. These versions will also allow you to manage the contacts, calendar, email, and files. You will be able to add any type of email account that goes through IMAP or POP,, Gmail, Microsoft 365, and Yahoo. 

Outlook for Android and Outlook for IOS also features contact and calendar support. You can use OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and Dropbox to access the files too. 

Calendar Items and Mails for Windows 10

The Calendar and Mail applications on the Windows 10 come with the tech-friendly calendar and email apps that are extremely effective for the usage of both business and personal email accounts. They also come free with other Windows 10 devices including tablets, desktops, phones, etc. 

With the help of calendar and mail for Windows 10, you will be able to gain access to all the email accounts including Yahoo, Gmail, and Microsoft 365. You can also access the school or work email accounts without any problem. You will be able to include a background image to the apps themselves, where all of your emails will be combined into the Inbox and access all the essential contacts stored in the Windows 10. 

Calendar and Mail for Windows 10 are optimized as per Windows 10 phones you’re using. You can find the applications that are listed under Outlook Mail as well as Outlook Calendar on your phones that are running on Windows 10. 

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This is how you can choose the right version of MS Outlook. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know. 



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