Before Buying a Luxury Watch

First-time watch collectors may find it tricky and overwhelming to browse through different luxury watch brands in the market. While they may be prepared financially, there are still a few things that they need to remember before buying a luxury watch. If you are one of these people, it’s important to keep in mind that the price should not only be the basis of your purchase.

Buying a luxury watch is more complex than buying shoes or other jewelry. While it is technically an accessory, a timepiece is also a mechanical gadget that needs ample knowledge to maintain. In this article, we will discuss the different things that you need to know before buying a diamond watch for men and the various ways on how to take care of it.

5 Things to Remember When Buying a Luxury Watch

No one can deny that a luxury timepiece is really pricey. So once you have set a budget, and canvased enough watches that suits your interests,  here are other things that you need to remember when buying a luxury watch:

1. Check Out Different Brands and Models

There are hundreds of different models and brands of luxury watches. Each of these timepieces is crafted with different styles and features that can sometimes become overwhelming. The key is to get to know each of the brands’ styles. For instance, Rolex watches are probably the most popular brand in the world. If you decide to purchase it, you should also check out the different models such as the Rolex Air King, Cosmograph Daytona, Sea Dweller, and more.

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2. Look Through The Features

Once you have seen the different models and brands of every luxury watch, it’s time to choose the right features. Every timepiece is equipped with different features that vary in execution as well. For instance, not all watches with chronographs function the same way. Some of them are made with the minimal mechanism while others are made for more extreme sports. To make sure that you will select the right feature, always align it with the activity you are planning to wear. In that way, you are sure that it will be used properly.

3. Choose the Right Materials

Apart from choosing the right features, it’s also important to consider the materials. Going back to your purpose, choosing the right materials will make sure that you can wear the timepiece on the activity without risking or exposing it to any damage. Some luxury watches are made with leather straps that are more fit for indoor activities. If you are looking for timepieces to wear on outdoor activities, you may consider wearing rubber straps.

4. Understand the Different Movements

One of the things that you need to know about luxury watches is that it comes in different movements. There are already a lot of luxury timepieces that use a battery-powered mechanism such as Quartz. However, traditional and handcrafted timepieces still use automatic and mechanical movements, which are more delicate. Before purchasing a luxury watch, it’s best to understand how these movements work so it’s easier to maintain them and to make sure that they will always be in their best performance.

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5. Learn More About Its Market Value

One of the most important things that you need to remember about buying luxury watches is that it’s an investment. When you buy a luxury watch, you are already making a huge investment. Simply because this is something that you can resell or pass on to the children of your children. Because of that, it’s best to learn about the market value of the brand you’re planning to buy. Make sure that it fares well in the market and that it appreciates value. In that way, you will also gain more than what you invested.

7 Watch Care Tips

Once you finally purchase the luxury watch of your choice, you should also make sure that you are taking care of it properly. In that way, you can guarantee that your investment will not go to waste. Here are some of the basic things you can do to properly maintain your timepiece.

1. Clean Your Watches from Time to Time

As much as possible, clean your watches from time to time. Watches can accumulate dirt and dust, especially when used often. So you must follow the cleaning instructions given by the seller, make sure to read carefully because each watch has a different cleaning process. Then store it in a clean watch cabinet or case. 

2. Avoid Cleaning With Harsh Chemicals

When cleaning your watch, it’s best to use water and a damp cloth only. Using chemicals can be harmful to your timepiece. However, some watch cleaners are recommended by professionals. Before you use it, it’s best to ask the manufacturer first if it’s okay to use it with your watch’s materials.

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3. Keep Away from Magnets

Watches are made with small metals and gears. Because of that, exposure to magnets can affect its mechanism. As much as possible, do not expose your timepieces with magnetic elements to keep their optimum performance.

4. Wind Mechanical Watches Regularly

Mechanical watches are also called self-winding watches. It is called as such because, for it to function properly, you need to wind its mechanism regularly. It is one of the reasons why you should know more about the different watch movements. If you want your mechanical watch to function at its best, make sure to wind it often. 

5. Immediately Bring It For Repair if There is a Damage

At the end of the day, only watch professionals are capable of keeping your timepiece in its best condition. Learn about the warranty coverage of your timepiece and always bring it in for repair in case of damages.

Key takeaway

It’s no secret that luxury timepieces cost tens to thousands of dollars. It is one of the reasons why you should make sure that you know everything there is to know before making your first purchase. At the end of the day, a luxury watch is not just a timepiece. It’s an investment that you can pass on to many generations.


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