Digital business trends

What are the digital business trends right now? Let’s get answers from the experts.


YouTube content creator

It’s a big thing right now. In 2015, people started watching vlogs and it became a new normal. As of now, any content creator can succeed on YouTube because the platform is growing in every aspect of our lives. For a perfect start, you can buy YouTube subscribers with PayPal and get started right away. Have a very good name (that will be memorized easily) and eye-catching image. Thumbnails also have a big impact when it comes to click-through rate and that’s how you get people to watch the first few seconds of your videos. Then it’s your diction and speaking skills to let them stay until the very end.

Print on Demand

With print-on-demand, you can offer your own clothes or items in a shop that include your own design. In this case, you work with suppliers who handle the printing and logistics for you while you get to grips with your designs and shop. You don’t have to pay in advance, you only have to pay when your products have been sold. You can easily create a print-on-demand shop via Shopify, with the appropriate app such as Printful or Printify. You can market your shop via search engines, social networks and especially via influencer marketing.

Dropshipping- Digital business trends 

In contrast to the normal e-commerce business, with dropshipping you do not need high investment costs and you do not have to keep a warehouse. If an order comes in, it is sent directly to the dropshipping provider, who takes care of all the logistics. You’re practically selling products that you don’t have any physical contact with. The manufacturer is also responsible for returns management and complaints. Shopify has numerous apps, making it easy to integrate products. 

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You can also easily integrate product images of dropshipping products into your shop via WordPress or WooCommerce. For you, this system has the advantage that you do not have to first procure and store the products. The costs are limited and you only have to invest in your shop and in the marketing measures.


Do you have a special passion that you really want to let off steam? Is there a topic that you are always asked for advice on and that has interested you since you were a child? In this case, you could create your own blog and earn income with regular articles. You can earn money either through advertising, through the affiliate program or by selling your own products. With the affiliate program, you advertise products or services from a shop and receive a commission if a visitor actually places an order there. You can also offer e-books or coaching, the blog then serves you to prove your expert status and to convince your target group of your offer.

E-Book Author

You can also pack your expert knowledge into an e-book and thus build up your income. In turn, you can sell the e-book on certain platforms such as Amazon KDP or market them via your own website. The advantage of platforms is that you meet a very large target group. First of all, you should familiarize  yourself with the demand and your niche.


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