Video-Based Online Classes

There was a time when distance learning was only a concept for working professionals who wanted to pursue their degree or upskill while they also worked. This worked differently from how online classes happen these days. Distance learning was more about students getting their course material via post and then the students appearing for their exams at the specified centres. This was the way most professionals earned another degree. The way they upskilled was by applying for short-term courses that were useful for their field of work. One could say that the concept of distance learning has influenced Video-Based Online Classes in a way. 

There are not only different types of online classes apps and websites but also various types of online classes. Online classes can be conducted for schools, colleges, coaching centres or tuitions using video conferencing platforms, classes can be conducted by educational platforms on popular streaming apps for various entrance exams and competitions or classes can be taken by students for any additional subjects they might wish to learn or any new skills they wish to develop using the previously recorded videos and course material. Majorly online classes can be classified as live online classes and video-based online classes. In this article, we will be doing a comparative analysis of these two types of online classes to understand how they benefit both students and teachers. We will be looking at both these modes of online learning to know what they have to offer and which mode suits you better. 

Live online classes are generally conducted on video meeting platforms or using apps that allow video conferencing. These classes allow teachers and students to interact in real-time. Online teaching through mobile, laptop or any other device that the education apps are compatible with can take place in live classes. These classes are very similar to the traditional classrooms. Both students and teachers get the opportunity to put forward their ideas and speak during the class. Students can ask their doubts and get them cleared right away. Just like in a traditional classroom, reading sessions can be conducted where every student can be given the chance to read aloud. The teachers can monitor what the students are doing during the class if their videos are on. Not only can the teachers share their screens and share videos, PDFs and other course material while teaching, students can also share presentations and assignments for their grades. Live classes can also be recorded and shared for future reference. Live classes are conducted by schools, colleges, tuition and coaching centres. These classes are conducted as scheduled by the teacher and have to be in real-time.

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The other type of online classes are video-based. This type of online classes were common even before the pandemic hit. These classes were common among people who wished to take up courses for upskilling or improving themselves in certain subjects for jobs or competitive exams. These classes are conducted on platforms where various tutors offer different courses related to a subject or different subjects. Pre-recorded videos and PDFs are provided to the students along with links for additional reading and references. The students can apply for these courses online and attend the classes from anywhere at any time. Nowadays video-based classes are offered for almost all subjects and topics. Be it advanced and high-level matters or job-specific skills or just tricky maths puzzles with answers for kids, video-based courses are preferred by most people due to the flexibility they offer. While there is no teacher or educator present in real-time in these classes, students can use the AI chatbots or email id provided to ask their doubts or any questions that they have in mind. Students need to self assess their progress by completing the assignments provided and checking them on their own. Videos from these classes can be watched over and over again and can be paused as required. 

There is another type of online class that is a middle ground between life and video-based classes. Such classes are conducted by teachers on popular video streaming platforms and can be watched by millions of students. Such classes are usually free of cost and the students can communicate via the chatbox option. 


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