Boosted Boards

Maybe because of peer pressure, many people have chased after boosted boards. But, there are still a few, or a lot, who haven’t heard of what it is. Basically, a boosted board is just like a skateboard but is not operated with your feet. It can be operated through a remote that it comes with.

That said, it is a good alternative for skateboard, most especially for people who live in slopey areas. For people like him, perhaps boosted boards are of a great purchase. But for regular people, they are not as much. 

What is a boosted board?

A boosted board is making your ride go high. It’s the latest innovation in electric skateboards, and it’s made its way to the top of Amazon’s best-selling list. But who didn’t expect that with its hype, right?

When you look at these boards online, they seem pretty cool. And news flash: they really are. But what makes them so special? Why are they so popular? Is there more to them than just being a really great mode of transportation? Let’s take a closer look at what people are saying about this product that has taken the world by storm.

Where can I buy a boosted board?

You probably noticed that at the logo of Amazon, there is an arrow below the letters A and Z, an arrow from A to Z. This signifies that they have anything, whatever that may be. Whether that thing starts with A or anything from the alphabet at all, they have it in-store.

So, you can check a boosted board at Amazon. After its launch, it made its way to Amazon’s best-selling list, so it’s best to check it out there. Also, its hype slowly died down, so it may be cheaper now than it was then when it was first launched.

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How much does a boosted board typically cost?

The price of a boosted board mini is around $750. And it should be noted that it is just the price of the mini variant. So, it is expected that the regular one would be much more expensive. 

Its hype died down, so some sellers already sell it for a much cheaper price. But because it is quite hard to look for online, some charge it at a far higher price than the suggested retail one before.

Are boosted boards worth it?

Boosted boards are worth it, depending on what people use them for. But in general, boosted boards are a good purchase. They can help you get around more quickly, and if you find yourself running errands a few blocks away, you can use a boosted board as a personal transporter.

How can I possibly ride a boosted board?

Just like a regular skateboard, you ride it by placing one foot forward in front of another while your body is slightly sidewards, like your back and face is pasted to the wall. Then, you use the wireless remote control to direct where you are going, whether forward, backward, right, or left.


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