Blake Blossom VR

Who is Blake Blossom VR?

Before getting into the adult entertainment industry, Blake Blossom was attending college intending to be a lawyer. When she was 20-years-old, the blonde beauty needed some money and needed a change in her life so she started an Onlyfans page. When a friend of hers told her she would be perfect for porn, she didn’t just blow the idea off. Blake has always been curious about sex and loves exploring different things so when her friend suggested she try porn, she was open to it.

With brains behind the beauty, she did in-depth research into the adult industry to learn how the industry worked and what she could expect from it. She says she wasn’t nervous shooting her first scene and enjoyed it so much she threw herself into the industry, quickly becoming one of the more in-demand models in the business. Within a few years, she became Penthouse Pet of December 2020, Bang! Babe of the Month for May 2021, and she has been nominated for several AVN awards including 2021’s Hottest Newcomer. 

Models and Virtual Reality

Is there any Blake Blossom VR? The answer is yes! Blake is very smart (see above about her studying to be a lawyer) so she is open to adopting new technology. She has done a lot of work for other production companies, but she prefers to focus on making her own content. Describing herself as a sorority girl meets skater girl, Blake loves drawing inspiration from the color pink, cartoons, and dancing. This enthusiasm is on full display in her VR videos where she seems to be having a very good time.

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Virtual reality in general has revolutionized the live cam industry. Not just in adult, live cams have improved so much in quality that anyone wanting to start broadcasting themself can afford a good quality cam, mic, and basic lighting package. Mainstream users who live stream themselves have exploded in popularity. There are numerous YouTube and Twitch streamers who draw more views than most TV shows. Allowing these people control of their content has democratized the technology, making it accessible to everyone so anyone can produce content.

Adding VR to live streaming only makes the experience better. Now, not only can you directly communicate with and see the model, but the VR viewer gives you a way to interact with the model. There are even companies that are inventing and manufacturing sex toys that connect to VR viewers and match the action in a video, providing you with physical sensations to go along with the audio and video.

Blake Blossom is a Tech Leader

Her early embracing of VR and cam technology has made Blake one of the adult stars that are on the cutting edge, using this new technology to better interact with her fans. Gamers are starting to adopt VR for their live streams and many of the big game and software manufacturers are working on things for virtual reality. It is not hard to see how the future of the adult entertainment industry is likely in the hands of individuals who shoot their own content and live stream themselves. With virtual reality, those individuals can give their fans a very intimate, personal encounter.

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SexLikeReal is leading the adult industry with its VR site and app. They shoot their own high-quality VR scenes and they curate a huge library of virtual reality scenes from around the world. 

With stars like Blake Blossom leading the way, it is easy to see how virtual reality and live streaming are the future of adult entertainment. Having control over their content and the ability to connect with fans is something that will only continue to improve as VR hardware and software technology advances.



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