Best Ways To Grow Your Business Using Online Contests

Best Ways To Grow Your Business Using Online Contests : Having a website and social media presence helps you set a digital footprint for your business. To generate sales and traction for your website, you will have to leverage ‘online contests’. These contests help you to put forward your best products to your target customers and make them familiar with your business model. Here are a few smart ways to grow your business using online contests decisively and successfully.

  • Use a contest to promote your best selling product.

Everyone has a vast range of products to cater to their customers, but only a few are bestsellers. Using online contests, you can promote your bestsellers to build brand recognition and product popularity on a larger scale. 

Online contests should be designed in such a way that it helps in highlighting the product features along with making customers aware of its immediate benefit. Secondly, customers should be asked to share the product listing and contest to increase the contest visibility online. Don’t forget to add in a giveaway to increase the chances of the contest’s success. 

  • Make your audience enter the contest by buying products.

If you are looking to bump up the sales instantly, then create an irresistible contest for your customers. Ask your customer to ‘buy’ something in order to enter the contest and become eligible for a better deal in tow. This tactic is known to be a win-win for a wide range of businesses online who rely on the contests. This not just boosts the sales, but customers also feel rewarded for their first purchase. It can be designed to push sales both on the website as well as brick and mortar stores. 

  • Abide by social media platform rules
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All the significant social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer in-app advertising. These advertising services allow users to create a business profile and run social media contests at affordable rates. Users are led through the process with a quick tutorial and smart walkthrough. It doesn’t take more than ten minutes to create and publish your contest on social media platforms once you get to know it. Make sure your online contests abide by the rules set by these platforms in order to give the best opportunity to your audience.

Note: 75% of the contestants buy votes for online contest, so creating good rules for your social media contest is mandatory.

Best Ways To Grow Your Business Using Online Contests
Best Ways To Grow Your Business Using Online Contests
  • Get an influencer on-board with your contest.

Social media platforms are filled with numerous influencers who command huge popularity and online following. Associating your business with such influencers will increase your brand recognition and gain the target audience’s attention quickly. 

So, choose such a social influencer, which can do justice to your product and business apart from driving sales and revenue. Please don’t make the mistake of finding influencers based on their follower count. Instead, choose those influencers who can help in building a beneficial connection between your business and customers. 

  • Always use hashtags in your contests.

Hashtags might be a new concept for you, but they are extremely helpful in discovering content online. Stuff your online contest with high performing and product/brand-specific keywords that offer better engagement and traffic. Having your niche specific keywords will enable your contest to be viewed by a large audience online. 

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Hashtags take away the burden of searching through a ton of data and information. It is advisable to create your own unique hashtag right from the start. Your hashtag should be directly associated with your product and business. As more and more people start using your hashtags, it boosts the engagement rate and brand visibility. 

Now follow these tips to come up with such online contests that your audience can’t refuse to enter and boost your sales in return.

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