Workplace Bully

There are some workplaces that are downright toxic. They can be hostile and are unpleasant places to work. Others may not be quite as bad as that, but there is one person that seems to have it out for you. Bullies exist in the workplace, too and it can be your boss or coworker who is making things difficult for you.

Before you think about quitting, you should try to find ways to neutralize the problem. At a certain point, you may need to go to an employment lawyer like these San Diego labor attorneys but hopefully, it doesn’t get to that point. In this article, we will go over what to do when you are faced with a workplace bully.

1 – Make a record of everything 

Before you go to your superiors about your bully, assuming that they are not the bully, then you have to make sure that you have a case to be made. It will just be he said/he said type of scenario if you don’t walk in with proof.

This means that you have to document everything before you go to them. Make a record of every incident that you’ve had that was uncomfortable or hostile. This should include any messages between you by email or text. If there is a moment when the incident happens in person then make sure to talk to anybody who may have witnessed it. Have them confirm your version of the story.

When you feel like you have enough to make a formal complaint, schedule something with the HR department and come with everything you have. Highlight any language used that is belittling toward you or even hostile.

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2 – Don’t let things go

If you don’t speak up when your bully tries using their intimidation tactics on you then it is tacit permission that the behavior is allowed. If you set the tone early that it is unacceptable then the bully may realize that you are not a good target and will leave you alone.

If they persist then don’t stop calling them out on their bad behavior. Especially if it happens when there are others present. You’ll show them that things will not go well for them if they continue to act this way.

3 – Go in numbers

Chances are very high that the person in question has targeted others in your office. This means that you should be able to present a complaint as a group so you aren’t going in alone. There is strength in numbers and your case will go much better against the bully if you have recruited.

If there are no others that have reported bullying then surely you have some witnesses that will stay by your side. When you go to the HR department you should have something signed by your coworkers or have them all come with you to file a formal complaint.

Then, follow up to make sure something is being done and make sure that you have a witness for the HR response to the issue.


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