Bail bonds are convenient

When facing some criminal charges, the arrested person must spend some days in custody while awaiting the commencement of trial. Anyone accused of a crime would like to face a trial that allows defending the case, but since the trial commences after some days or weeks, the police would prefer to hold the accused in their custody. To escape interim jail time, the accused can seek bail, which provides some financial security for releasing the person. Though bail bonds are more convenient violating them can prove costly, here is the reason why.

Paying cash for bail is often tricky because the bail amount is relatively high depending on the nature of the charges. It might sometimes run into thousands of dollars which the accused finds hard to arrange in a short time. To cover the expense, it is better to opt for Castle Bail Bonds Columbus issued by a bail bond company that helps release the person from jail.

The difficulty in furnishing bail

Bail bonds are more affordable because it does not require furnishing the total amount of bail. Although the bail amount depends on several factors like the criminal record of the accused, the place of residence of the defendant, the nature of the crime committed, and the social standing of the person, the bail amount is set in such a way that it acts as a deterrent to committing new crimes. Therefore, the sum of money involved will never be quite affordable. Moreover, it will take some time and lots of effort to garner the funds, which the accused might find challenging to organize while in custody. 

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Why are bail bonds convenient?

Against the above backdrop, bail bonds are more convenient because these are a kind of undertaking provided to the court by the bail bondsman on behalf of the accused, assuring the court that the accused would respect bail conditions and appear for trial when called later. All that the accused must do is choose a reliable bail bonding agency and enter into a contract with them to execute the bail bond and secure the arrested person’s release. Thus, a bail bond is like a surety bond with the bond agent vouching for the defendant’s adherence to the legal process and court appearance. 

Bail bonds are cheaper

Besides the convenience of outsourcing the bail process, the other benefit of bail bonds is that it costs the accused much less. The bail bondsman would charge between 10% -20% of the bail amount for executing the bond and seek immediate release of the person. However, since the bondsman carries the entire risk, the company would ask for some other security as collateral. If the accused jumps bail, the bail bond agency can recover the costs because the court would forfeit the bail amount for violation. In addition, the person faces new criminal charges that can lead to arrest again.

Like everything comes at a cost, bail bonds that appear more convenient, which it is indeed has some reasonable costs that are not visible. However, it does ensure speedy release of the person from jail, which is a moot point under the circumstances. 



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