asset in your business

Did you know there’s an entire market revolving around an asset that most parties don’t even know is valuable? While the inventory is often measured in physical stuff, such as equipment, hardware and furniture, there’s an entire segment often overlooked. The IP address space. – asset in your business

When the internet was first taking shape some decades ago, so-called IPv4 addresses were issued for devices to connect onto the internet through networks. With the 32-bit structure, this meant a staggering number of 4 billion unique IP addresses could be used. Plenty, you’d think. However, a few years ago, this number depleted and every single IPv4 address was issued. Meaning, no new ones could be used, and so scarcity emerged. As did a heated market. And whenever there’s a market, there’s money to be made. 

Undetected value asset in your business

There are plenty of businesses that have ownership over IPv4 blocks they don’t need. Perhaps because of a bankruptcy, a merger or a change in core business. Instead of discarding them and leaving them be, turn this ownership into value. 

Today, the price of a single IPv4 address ranges from 50 US$ to 60 US$. Multiply that by the total number of Ipv4 addresses in your block and calculate your potential value. You just need to find the right buyer to sell your IPv4 address


By using a licensed IP broker. As a consequence of the emerging market surrounding this asset, brokers too have entered the stage. They bring buyer and seller together, navigate the complex rules and regulations and deal with legal matters upon request. 

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Find a broker 

Turning your assets into money is easier said than done. As with any market, there’s rules and regulations involved surrounding the transfer of ownership that complicate matters. Moreover, settling on the right price requires skill and knowledge. Most IP brokers have a legal expert at hand to help navigate this part of the transaction. Finding a broker that has connections internationally and is up to date with all matters related to the RIR is not always easy as plenty of cowboy parties spam the field. 

However, parties such as Prefix Broker are licensed brokers, have connections with the RIR and show an impressive track record that proves quality and know-how.    

Turn your assets into money 

Are you currently overlooking the value of your surplus IPv4 address space? Make sure to not let them sit and have them turn into money on the IP market. Pick your broker and find the right buyer!



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