How to make an online store popular? How to make people return and make the store maximally effective? Check the guide!

Creating an effective online store: a guide

Nowadays, many people start online stores. Sometimes, they lack knowledge on how to make it effective. So, the topic of promoting your own online store will be discussed in today’s article. We will explain the issues related to promoting an e-commerce store – an independent promotion that anyone who has a few hours a week can carry out. 

We will discuss the principles of promotion that work and do not require a large budget. Methods of optimizing the online store and cheap methods of promotion will be presented. You will learn how to promote an online store in the Google search engine and gain customers beyond it. Experts from shared all these tips with us, so you can trust them. 

Unique content

This is the most common mistake of online retailers. Having ten similar products, the descriptions are copied and pasted to the next products. This is due to several reasons, including lack of time, unawareness of its impact on the search engine’s position, and the desire to quickly supplement the store’s assortment.

How does Google know that your description is a copy of another one? The search engine indexes the content in its resources by copying it. If a given product has already been indexed, Google already has its description. If you add another product with the same description, Google indexes it, comparing it with what it already has; during the comparison, it turns out that the identical content is already in the search engine’s resources. Google, seeing it, lowers the position of a given product or even removes it from the search index. This is because copies are not welcome by Google and web users; it is better to replace the copied search result with something more original.

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Content describing the product should be not only unique but also comprehensive. The product description should be accurate. Remember that search engine robots cannot see the content of the photo, so they will use the product description. On the other hand, the too-long text will be tiring for store customers, so depending on the type of product and the ability to describe its properties, it is worth using at least 150 words for each description.


It is another issue of negligence of online store owners. Although running a blog on an online store is becoming increasingly popular, it is still a minority of e-commerce platforms where we can read about news in a given industry.

The blog allows us to provide broader descriptions of products; we can post information and interesting facts about selected products, their comparisons, or rankings. Thanks to the blog, we can gain undecided customers who will get an epiphany after reading our material and consider buying the product in our store.

Of course, this is not the only advantage. Due to its purpose and structure, the blog will be much rich in content, which often means spending additional costs on content creation. But you can really do a lot with content. By running a blog, we increase the saturation of keywords within the online store. It is necessary for the promotion of an online store in search engines, so the game is worth the candle.

Simple addresses

Simple addresses are essential in optimizing an online store, mainly for three reasons:

  • Google likes them.
  • They can contain keywords that are important.
  • They are easier for people to remember.
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Currently, all systems allow you to create simple addresses in an online store. Depending on the platform, a simple address is created from the product name or keywords that we declare. The operation of this mechanism is very simple, and you only need to remember to use it within your e-commerce business.


A well-promoted online store with a good position in Google search engines is not everything. There may be professional website optimization, but if users do not know how to navigate it – they will run away. A user-friendly online store is one where everyone can navigate easily, and when shopping, they do not think about the items of the appropriate functions but use them intuitively.

The most important elements of an online store are navigation, buttons that allow you to buy, product handling, and the entire ordering process. These elements should be clear to read and visible. Navigation in an online store should be placed only in two places. It is at the top of the page and on the left side of the online store. These are the positions where every user instinctively looks for navigation.

Buttons and content should contrast with the other elements of the page. It is not recommended to create elements of any website on a micro-scale. 

The ordering process should consist of clear transparent steps. If you have a large number of forms, it is better to break them into several tabs, through which the system will guide users.


The responsiveness of an online store is its ability to adapt to mobile devices (or any other devices). This is an essential feature nowadays because 30% of website visits come from mobile devices. Until recently, it had to have a second mobile version designed for the website to be conveniently viewed on mobile devices. Currently, thanks to technological progress, languages used to create websites and online stores, creating separate mobile versions is history.

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Creating responsive online stores allows you to reach a much larger group of recipients; it also improves the convenience of using the store’s functions, so it is a crucial factor in optimizing e-commerce, also improving sales. If you want your site to be perfect, contact an experienced team who will do all the tasks for you.


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