As Instagram video marketing gains popularity, savvy business owners are taking notice of all the potential opportunities Instagram video ads offer. 

With that in mind, here are seven reasons you should use Instagram video ads to promote your business and connect with customers—whether it’s an existing business or one you’re just starting.

They’re More Engaging Than Other Types of Ads

Consumers are 3x more likely to remember ads with video content than those without. People are also more likely to want products after watching the video ad, and they’re more likely to buy them as well. 

Instagram advertising is a great way for brands and business owners to create effective videos and reach their target audience. Instagram Feed ads can be up to 120 seconds long, so you have plenty of time for a well-thought-out message. You can read more on the best Instagram ad size, as well as other IG specifications.

Visual Elements 

Since Instagram is largely a visually-driven platform, it’s proven that photos tend to trigger stronger emotions than written text does on its own. If you want to make your advertisements stand out to potential consumers and motivate them to take a specific action, utilizing this form of social media could benefit your goals.

The fast-paced lifestyle in our society means catching your audience’s attention can be difficult nowadays. Text-based content is not as appealing to most people. They don’t want to spend their time reading long advertisements. Therefore, your audience will lose interest if you need to introduce and establish your content first. 

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Easily Create Ads

Through Facebook Ads Manager, you can connect your organic and paid growth on Facebook to Instagram, allowing you to extend your reach and efforts. In addition, as Instagram Ads are integrated with Facebook Ads Manager, you can choose the most appropriate campaign objectives, optimization selections, and targeting.

To start, you need to link your Instagram account in your Facebook Business Manager settings and add Instagram ads to your placement in Ads Manager, whether you already have ads placed or not. Then you can see how Instagram’s three ad placements can be effective: feed, stories, and explore. 

Large User Base 

Firstly, Instagram has over one billion users, which gives you a large potential audience to reach. Hootsuite reports that most Instagram users are between 18-24 (around 15%) and 25-34 (16.5%). While this represents the bulk of Instagram users, all age groups are well represented.

Most of your competitors aren’t using video ads, so you could have a huge advantage if you begin marketing with this aid. 

Laser-focused Targeting 

It’s no secret that social media platforms collect information about users based on their activity and demographics, which advertisers can use to create laser-focused ads that attract their target audience.

In Facebook Ads, for example, you can target audiences based on their interests, demographics, and behavior. Instagram Ads work very similarly.

This doesn’t mean you need a giant database; you can still do some light advertising to start and increase your spending as needed. For example, say that you’re one of the few newly-formed businesses in town. Then you can do geo-targeting with a wide range until you’ve found the demographics that bring in the most customers. Facebook owns Instagram, so it’s hardly surprising that their advertising features are similar.

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They’re Quick and Easy to Consume

Instagram video ads are the perfect way to showcase your products in a quick and easy-to-consume format. With an Instagram video ad, you don’t have to worry about viewers scrolling past your post because they’ll be immediately drawn in by the video preview. 

Plus, Instagram video ad formats have different durations of up to 120 seconds, so you have plenty of time to craft a compelling, digestible narrative for your product. 

Instagram video ads also take up more space than regular Instagram posts, making it easier for users to read what you want them to know about your product. 

They’re Cost-Effective

The best part about video ads on Instagram is that they are very cost-effective. With the explosion in popularity for Instagram Reels, it’s easier than ever for businesses to reach their audiences through low-cost, highly-engaging video content. 

Creating a video ad is as simple as uploading a photo or live stream from your phone! Plus, if you’re already using YouTube for other advertising campaigns, you can use the same videos–so long as they are reedited to fit Instagrams ad specs. That means not only do you save money but also time when working on marketing campaigns. 

They Help You Reach a Wider Audience

An estimated 95% of users watch videos on their mobile devices. With such a high percentage of people consuming video content this way, you can’t afford to skip them in your advertising strategy. If you’re new to video ads, follow these steps for the best experience. 

  • First, keep your videos short and open with an enticing hook.
  • Make sure they’re eye-catching with high-quality audio and visuals so they’ll grab your audience’s attention and hold it.
  • Include CTAs at the end so that viewers know what action to take next. 
  • Lastly, make sure that you have a goal in mind when creating your video ad so that you know how much time or money is needed to achieve success.
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You Can Repurpose Video Content

People spend an average of four seconds longer with video ads than photo ads. So you need to use video when it comes to your marketing strategy. But what if you have a small budget? Luckily, there are ways to get started without breaking the bank. 

First and foremost, consider incorporating video in your posts instead of photos. Once you start generating buzz and get some views under your belt, consider launching an Instagram video ad campaign, repurposing your existing videos so you can cut down on production costs!

Wrapping Up

Instagram ads are a great way to promote your content and engage with your followers. The best part? They’re quick and easy. You don’t need any editing skills or fancy equipment–just upload a video that you created elsewhere, and you’re good to go. 

With the right strategy, you can use Instagram ads as an extension of your brand and make them work for you.



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