Starting a US LLC

The United States is the land of opportunity because people are willing to put in the hard work necessary to make it happen. If you’re a non-U.S. citizen and you want to take a risk for your future, you can choose to start a US LLC. This article will be covering eight things that non-U.S citizens should know before starting their US LLC. citizen and you want to take a risk for your future, you can choose to start a US LLC.

  1. Stand Alone Legal Structure- Starting a US LLC

A US LLC stands alone as it is a legal structure set up in all 50 states. This will allow you to act as an LLC and be incorporated in each state that you want to create or maintain wherever your business takes you.

  1. Free from Income Tax

A US LLC is a pass-through entity which means that you will not be taxed on the money received, but instead, you will be paying taxes on the personal income tax of the company. This can be especially beneficial to taxpayers who have a different tax bracket than their company, and it also gives businesses a way to escape double taxation. This is one of the reasons why so many business owners and professional athletes use this type of tax structure.

  1. Ease of Ownership

A us llc for non-us residents allows for flexibility when it comes to making changes in the company. This is because there are no ownership requirements, restrictions, or limitations for this type of business structure.

  1. Ownership Flexibility

The ownership flexibility of a US LLC allows you to operate the company as you see fit. You are not required to have multiple owners or partners, nor are you required to follow specific rules for your business structure that are typically seen with other business structures.

  1. Asset Protection
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When you create a US LLC, you will be given protection against potential lawsuits and creditors. It allows for the company to remain separate from the individuals and their personal assets.

  1. Low Cost of Ownership

The US LLC is considered one of the most inexpensive business structures to set up. There are no unique requirements or costs that need to be paid upfront before beginning your us company formation.

  1. Shareholder Protection

When you register your LLC, you will be issued a Registered Agent, which can be found with the Secretary of State in your area. This Registered Agent is responsible for accepting the documents that your company files with the state. The Secretary of State will then provide you with a Certificate of Good Standing that allows you to open a bank account and even apply for government contracts.

  1. No Annual Reports

Unlike other business structures, a US LLC does not have to file an annual report. This is because you will be required to file a Tax Return with the IRS when you must pay the LLC taxes.

By understanding what a US LLC offers you, you can determine whether or not it is the proper business structure for your needs. If you have an idea for a business that you want to start, this could be the best way to get started. For more information on LLCs and other types of business structures, you can consult with a business attorney to see if they can help you.


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