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The digital transformation trend has caused sweeping changes in the way businesses operate. Many businesses have started overhauling their legacy systems to be capable of engaging in an increasingly digital and connected world. It has also enticed a lot of people to rethink their current careers in this unfolding era of greater connectivity and productivity. Some workers have shifted to different career paths, encouraged by the bright prospects of finding a more fulfilling and rewarding job in today’s economic climate.

There are a lot of emerging high-income jobs and opportunities. If you’re looking for ways how to get rich fast this year, consider changing your career for something more profitable. Here are some of the high-income professions to look out for in 2022.

1.Data Scientists

One of the hottest jobs currently is that of being a data scientist. The work of data scientists involves mining huge volumes of data to look for patterns that aren’t immediately recognizable by human analysis. They typically work with big data sets from industrial, manufacturing, commercial, and retail companies which want to make sense of the data from their operations. With the use of computing analysis, they’re able to extract insights from big data sets that businesses can use to implement changes and create value.

Researchers found that the demand for data scientists increased by 30% from the previous year. Businesses are actively recruiting data scientists that can make decisions based on data-driven analysis. Data scientists are highly sought for their programming, machine learning, and data visualization skills. Their output and recommendations enable executives and managers to visualize the business and operational situation based on available data.

The median annual salary for an entry-level data scientist in the US is USD$95,000. Mid-level data scientists get paid around USD$130,000. Data scientists in managerial roles receive a salary of USD$195,000.

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2.Website Developers

With more people getting connected to the internet, more companies and brands also want a company website. This means that there will be continued and even higher demand for website development professionals. 

These days, web hosting platforms offer ‘no coding’ website development facilities that allow people to create their own websites even if they don’t know how to write a single line of computer code. However, even with these ‘no code’ web hosting platforms, there is still a need for website and software developers to maintain their existing features and develop additional functionalities. 

Newbie website owners will at first be contented with template designs and settings, but when their blogs or startups grow, they aspire to build a custom-designed and custom-built website. Website developers are a valuable asset to many fast-growing companies and are often offered very competitive compensation. 

The typical salary range for web developers is from USD$75,768 to USD$86,304.

3.Cybersecurity Specialists 

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Many companies have transferred their IT platforms, tools, and resources to the cloud. This is necessary because employees need access to their accounts, resources, files, and data even when working remotely.

Remote work has created the need to maintain workers’ access to cloud servers and resources and secure and protect the system and infrastructure from potential threats and overt cyber-attacks. This is where companies need the expertise of cyber security professionals. Among the many skills of cyber security professionals is to make sure that the IT system of a company is protected from unauthorized access and intrusion.

Cybersecurity professionals are in demand and highly paid for their capabilities and skills in network administration and system administration. Network administration refers to the task of making sure that computers in a network are secure but accessible by authorized users. System administration refers to the task of making sure that the users in a company can use their computers and accounts according to their level of authorization and permissions. 

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The typical annual salary range of cybersecurity specialists is anywhere from USD$85,000 to USD$130,000.


There is great demand for search engine optimization or SEO specialists. SEO is an online marketing strategy and practice used to make sure that a certain website achieves the most optimized ranking possible in search engine results. 

The idea is to make sure that a website always appears on top of the search results whenever internet users type in keywords that are relevant to the website or business. This is based on the assumption, and not without basis, that getting more website visitors will translate to more potential business or sales for your website. In other words, the task of SEO is to put your website at the top of the list so that more visitors can see it and click it. 

As you would’ve probably guessed, SEO specialists are in demand because thousands, if not millions, of websites want to be the top choice on the search engine whenever a user types in the corresponding keywords.

SEO specialists make anywhere from USD$49,000 to USD$67,106. The average salary is around USD$57,023.

5.UX Design

The task of SEO is to put the website on top of the list so users click it instead of the competition. But this just gets the user to one of the landing pages of the website. It can’t guarantee that the user or visitor will stay on the website for more than a couple of seconds or minutes. If an internet user doesn’t like what they see or experience on a website, chances are that they will exit the page. 

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UX design is the discipline and practice of coming up with webpage design, features, and functionalities that would entice the internet user to keep on using and surfing the website. The goal of UX design is to make sure that the average website visitor would have a highly pleasant experience in using the website. 

The typical annual salary range of a UX specialist is between USD$55,058 and USD$69,507. The average salary is USD$63,252.

6.Blockchain Engineering 

Another emerging high-income profession is blockchain engineering. Blockchain is the tech behind the explosion of numerous cryptocurrencies. Some are saying that cryptocurrencies might replace fiat currencies as the predominant unit of value and medium of exchange in the future. Some governments have already announced their intention to create their own digital currencies.

Blockchain technology is highly useful beyond cryptocurrencies. It can also be used for applications in smart contracts, secure voting, and identity management. This is why there is high demand for blockchain programmers and engineers.

The typical annual salary range of blockchain developers is between USD$120,000 and USD$170,000. The average salary of a blockchain developer is USD$146,250.


Digital transformation is creating new jobs and opportunities for many workers. People have taken notice and many are already shifting their sights to these high-paying job opportunities. Many are taking courses and training to acquire knowledge, skills, and experience in these emerging opportunities. This article discussed high-income professions that won’t require years of education. These are skills and professions that can be acquired with just a few weeks or a couple of months of training.


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