MBBS Abroad

Calling as a doctor might be the of many students. Being a doctor is an admirable job, and you must do all possible hard work to complete your dream. Students study day and night to be in top medical colleges. Some students prefer to study at home, some in private tuitions, while some help from online teaching platforms. Many students every year sit for the medical entrance exam to make their dream come true and take admission in different medical colleges. Some study through video API, while some go abroad to study medicine and to make their dream come true. 

Some of you might be thinking about the logic behind going abroad and studying medicine. Well! Studying medicine abroad offers you many benefits which most of you might not know. 

Well! I am here to tell you some of the major benefits of studying medicine abroad. So! Let’s get started.

  1. No Donation or Capitation Fee

In our country, apart from being talented, if you have money and are capable of giving a foundation of huge amounts, you can get admission in some best colleges or universities. Due to donations, many deserving candidates did not get admission. 

 Not all families in India could afford to pay such a high amount of rupees 50 lakh to 1 crore. But! When you study abroad, you don’t have to pay such a high amount as a donation. You only pay yearly fees Of 4-6 lakhs.

  1. World best infrastructure

No doubt in our country there are very well maintained colleges or universities that give high-grade education. But when children go to medical colleges abroad, they get a chance to study in colleges or universities having the best infrastructure in the world. They have all the modern equipment, laboratory facilities, research work facilities, and other essential resources required in the medical college. Also, when you study abroad, you will get various facilities in colleges and all the significant things that you will need on your journey of becoming a doctor. 

  1. Cost of study
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Many students and families take their step back because of the high cost of studying medicine in India. But when a student gets to study abroad, then the cost of the study is comparatively less than the cost of study in India. It is one of the most important reasons students go abroad to study medicine. 

  1. NMC approved

As you know, colleges abroad offer the best education facility to the students who go abroad to study medicine. High-quality education and the degree you get are approved by the National Medical Council (NMC). To practice in India, students need to qualify Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE).

  1. International recognition

The colleges abroad are recognized in the world. When students study in these colleges, they will get the chance to interact with the teachers and students coming from different countries. Also, when they return to India, they get international recognition. Meeting different people from different countries helps them develop new skills and knowledge about other cultures. The colleges abroad are also among the top-ranking colleges in the world. 

  1. No separate examination 

In India, to take admission in medical institutes, you need to qualify for the NEET, and based on your NEET score, you are very admitted to the colleges. Similarly, you don’t need to be eligible for other examinations to study abroad. Your NEET score will be enough to get admission to any medical institutes abroad.

Final Words

Being a doctor is a very responsible job. One has to be a good learner and hard-working to qualify NEET. Studying medicine from abroad will expose me to discover new things and help in overall personality development. It also allows you to learn the different skills required to become a doctor. The above mentioned are some of the advantages of studying medicine abroad.


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