Feather flags are commonly used in a special concert or event. They’re used as an effective directional or promotional tool. These signs are arranged in multiples, often lining streets as well as entryways to the main event or venue. Then, these are outdoor signs, lightweight, and usually made of weatherproof materials so that you can use them in rain and shine. These signs are huge and help people know that a big event is on the way.                                                                                                                                            According to an article published in Medium, the combination of color, limited text use, and graphics help in creating effective communication when it comes to outdoor signs. Therefore, if you are planning a huge event for your business, here are three reasons to include the feather flags in marketing campaign:

  1. Feather flags are versatile 

You can use these outdoor signs to promote a particular product or service, announce some event, and even furnish contact information. Based on your marketing budget, you can set up a series of repeating flags or choose to install a single one with your relevant business message and contact details. 

You will find no limitations when it comes to printing content on these flags, as the fabric is easy to work on, to be precise. You can print your brand name, logo, tagline, and even have your feather flag digitally transcribed or silk-screened. 

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You can choose feather flags that are one or two-sided to reap the maximum benefits out of the passing traffic in both directions. Feather signs also ensure maximum exposure to your brand. 

  1. Easy to use and assemble 

Feather flags are tools that help you to promote your brand and event fast. That is because the sign is easy to use and assemble, requiring only a single person to install it. Based on the size of these flags, the products are often made into 3-5 pieces that you can connect effortlessly. 

You will not need to use any special tools for using feather flags. All you need to do is telescope them and set them down on the ground. You will not require drilling holes, nailing hammers, and using other mounting tools to set up feather flags. That is why these outdoor signs are more popular compared to vinyl banners. Simply glide the feather flag into the shaft kit and you are all set for the big event in town. 

  1. Lightweight and portable 

You know that feather signs are printed on cloth or fabric, thus making them extremely lightweight and portable. It also makes them more affordable to manufacture. Feather flags can resistant to weather conditions better than vinyl banners, thus making them more durable. 

When it comes to the print quality, it retains itself on feather flags, as they are resistant to the sun’s heat. This is not the case when it comes to vinyl banners. Additionally, feather signs are easy to transport and set up anywhere, be it on the beach, highway, or at the shopping plaza. 

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Final thoughts

Now that you know about the benefits of feather flags, use them for your next big event to become the talk of the town. Promote your business and products with feather signs.


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