3 Key Factors That Make Simulated and Real Cricket Different

Popular sports get a lot of attention and cricket is one such sport. It’s popular with Indians, Australians, Britons, and fans from other countries too. In other words, cricket is one of those sports that has a global fandom. Fans will have certain players and teams in their hearts and will cheer them on when they’re playing.

This popularity has spawned numerous cricket spin-offs such as cricket games and even a simulated reality league or SRL. This is a league that lots of cricket fans enjoy for all sorts of reasons. To get a better understanding of it think of computer-generated leagues made up of matches and players. It’s like real cricket, but not exactly.

There are several things that make real cricket and SRL cricket different. In its essence, they are cricket personified, but there are certain differences that you need to be aware of the next time you’re watching a cricket match. Here are those differences:

The Player Selection

Any current cricket league is available for some teams only. That’s because all the cricket teams available play against each other during the playoffs to determine if they get a spot in the league. The ones that do, will challenge each other and there will be one winner standing at the top. These teams will only have certain players available. 

Usually, a team will have a veteran or two and some new players looking to make a name for themselves. This isn’t the case with SRL as each match or league can have all cricket players available. In other words, you can see the GOATs of cricket facing each other and remind yourself of the good old days of cricket. But if you’re looking to see current players, you can go for real cricket.

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More Matches

Each cricket match will have a duration and each cricket league will last from one day to a certain, final day. In other words, real cricket leagues will have a period they can exist. Then you’ll need to wait a week, a day, or a month or more to get to watch the next array of matches. This is where SRL comes in and saves the day because the matches are available all the time. 

In other words, you can enjoy cricket matches when there aren’t any by watching SRL matches. As mentioned before, SRL has a bigger selection of players available which means there’s a bigger selection of matches. You can see what’s available off-season and enjoy a good match, or two. Another interesting thing about SRL matches is that you can watch them whenever you want to watch them. They’re simulated, so the players won’t tire anytime soon.

The Visuals

There’s a certain difference you notice when you’re playing video games and walking to the store in real life. There’s no question about it, real life has better visuals than any game. As a parallel, you can take any cricket video game such as Cricket 19, and compare it to any live cricket event. Games and simulated realities have a long way to go when it comes to copying reality. 

The visuals of SRL matches might be lifelike, but they will never be exactly like the visuals you see before you. Real cricket is more captivating as you see real-time actions and reactions, movement, speed, accuracy, and more. In other words, it gives you the essence of the game right in front of your eyes and you’ll get to experience the game like never before. Visuals are important, but real cricket gives a more visceral experience. It morphs you in the game.


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